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Role of Well-Written Ad Copy in Advertising

RIO: Fun Ka Daily Dose

Surf Excel: Daag to Achay Hotay Hain

HBL: Jahan Khawab Wahan HBL

VEON: Be Truly Free

Look at all these taglines, think of all the taglines you ever came up with. Recall all the ads you’ve been watching through your life. So, where did you take yourself?

Now, let’s ask you to recall the best and the most annoying advertisement, you ever had. We are sure; there must be several reasons for liking or disliking these. Amongst many other reasons, the use of words and the inclusion of written scripts is such a phenomena that either makes an ad promising and remember able or pursue you to change the channel.

That’s just one part of the story, alongside, TV and print media, the digital media is the next big that is taking on. The growing number of social media users and the transformations from traditional to digital media is asking advertisers not miss the digital side.

Looking at the Alphabet’s figure of $79.4 billion followed by Facebook’s 26.9 billion, there’s no surprise to know that companies are going toward digital side. And the prime reason for this is the huge number of potential exposure. But…. Let’s admit that in such a dense online marketing competition, only those will survive who present their stance clearly.
Want to know what do we mean by presenting stance clearly? Well, it’s to speak the right audience on the right platform with the right language at the right time. And within all that right, the role of a well-written ad copy in advertising plays a significant role. Asking us why?

For sure, there are numerous reasons for that. Let’s tell you few of these.

Better Copy Means Effective Communication

Well, when it comes to digital, the words and graphics are the only crunches on which you have to walk. However, a plane graphic can never serve the purpose until accompanied words. And if your words aren’t strong enough, chances are you will rarely find a chance to make any lead.

Let’s try to make it further clear through an example.

Say you come across with the banner of Chairish and by looking at the first banner, you can easily determine what is Chairish all about i.e. they’re selling some vintage stuff. Now presume if you had seen a banner that had nothing but an antique horse and the logo of Chairish. What would’ve you inferred from it?

Are they selling some kind of toys?

Are they selling some kind of chair (their logo depicts)

So, you see, how important is Ad copy for the advertisement.

Dove, ad, role of well written ad copy in advertising

Now look this ad of the dove, take a closer look at the ad copy and compare it with the one we mentioned before. You see how clearly they differ from one another. And what’s more compelling, just because of the imagery as well as the text.




Better Ad Copy Can Get You Media Buzz

We should admit one thing for sure, creativity has no boundaries. And Pakistan is full of creative minds. So, the next thing, we are going to discuss is, a right and a better ad copy will persuade people to discuss your creativity again and again.

For instance, take a look at creativity from the team Zong. See, how well they tickled their rivals without uttering even a single word. Zong, cars, speed,role of a well-written Ad copy in advertising

Mobilink with the large number of consumers ruled Pakistan’s mobile industry over long and still holds a major share. However, with excellent services and campaigns, Zong within no time started to give tough competition to Mobilink and all its other competitors.

Anyways, the point is not to praise or defame anyone. Rather, we are discussing our own cup of tea here and that is, the creativity and the role of a well-written ad copy in advertising. So all we are drawing your attention to the point that how a better ad copy can get you media buzz.

Would You Rather Wish to Add Something More in It

Well, the role of ad copy is lot more in advertising. It won’t only get you a better exposure and leads. As a matter of fact, it will help your brand to make a greater impression among audience.

Is there anything more, you would like to add in? Feel free to share with us or stay tuned with our blog to know more and more.