Limecom functions professionally at the node of promotion & interactive science.

By complementing your public advertising in the light of state-of-the-art insights, of how people tend to conclude line-of-actions, we succeed in stimulating your customers' hidden decision-making process and in improvising a friction-free buying process.

More than we strive for perfection, we strive for our hidden complacency that dwells solely on the client’s satisfaction

  • Curiosity drives us at every point of interacting with you, from initial meetings to connecting with your customers in true terms.
  • We worship efficiency, be it cost-termed or ‘quality per quantity per time’ control.
  • Our Concentric Circles of: concern, influence and control are wise.
  • We employ the research of social science studies, specifically the behaviour explaining areas that provide SOPs as per the tangents of human thinking and action. We put this know-how to good use and optimistic approach for the welfare of our clients, our team, and ultimately the notion we call ‘society’.