Let’s admit that designing is the divine language of your brand. The creative ad agencies that mumble it, do not make till that far. More or less, number of graphic designers in Pakistan would start rendering designs without following any pattern.

At Limecom, we believe for a digital design agency, it’s always important to come up with the complete and defined designing procedure. We would insist more on designing process. Wondering why? It is because:-

  • Your designs would be the first thing interacting with your audience
  • It will help people understanding about the company on the whole


While incorporating finest graphic designers from Islamabad and around the country, Limecom also believes that designing is an array of interlinked steps that one must follow.

What’s Limecom Approach Toward Designing

Prior jumping to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, our designing team always make sure to follow 8 steps process. Curious to know what’s that 8 steps approach? Here you are!

→ Brief

→ Imagination

→ Research

→ Sketching

→ Concept

→ Transfer to Design QA Team

→ Presentation


Once again, we would say that client brief is important. No matter how good you are at. Whatever you’re designing expertise are, be sure to get a detailed and proper brief from your client. At Limecom, we truly understand the time constraints and the in-time delivery of the project. Which is why, we make sure to note down all the perquisites.


While we are in discussion with the clients and getting brief. The very next moment, we start conceptualizing the idea in our minds.


Getting the right designs for the right brand takes lot of research. By having an assimilation of corporate strategists, branding experts and designers from Islamabad and Pakistan, team Limecom invests a handful time in doing an extensive research to deliver state of the art designs. The research process of our team is based on the following two steps approach

  • Checking of Competitive Edge
  • Market Research


Once the brief is discussed, the idea is perceived and researched, we start working on sketches. Initial sketching by using the desired tools and moodboards help our team to move back and forth easily and to be on the same page at the same time.


After sketching and portraying ideas on a paper and on the system, our team starts conceptualizing the ideas while using the right aids.

Transfer to our Design QA Team

After getting the conceptualization stage, our designs go on to the QA team. Being the finest QA design team of Islamabad, our quality checker ensures that all the requirements have been met and that nothing is left.


Coming from all the funnels and getting final approval from our QA team, the projects is then delivered to the clients.


What Type of Design Services Do We Offer

Limecom is a full service digital design agency that offers an endless designing services. Whether, you want a logo, or you need a compelling landing page for your website, we’ve got you covered. Let’s find out full range of graphic designing services you can get from Islamabad based designers.

  • Logo Design
  • Complete Stationery Design
  • Website Design Mockups
  • Purpose Built Landing Page Designs
  • UI/UX Designs
  • E-Commerce Website Designs
  • ATL/BTL Designs
  • Print Media Designing Services