The foundations of a successful startups are always based on a strong corporate strategy. Businesses that try to move forward without having any clearly defined strategy are always hanging like a pendulum.

Especially in countries like Pakistan, the line of difference between the failure and success of a startup is, the existence and non-existence of corporate strategy. In case you have rough idea and need someone to look this for you. We would love to help you around. While helping number of businesses from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, we take pride in extending enriched corporate strategy services throughout Pakistan.

Curious to Know How We Help Businesses With Their Corporate Strategy

At Limecom, we are on a mission to strengthen the startups in Pakistan. We help them reaching the milestone by following our 5 steps approach:-

Framing → Knowing the Vision & Mission
Diagnosis → Understand and communicating the right audience
Forecast → Suggestion of the market
Search → Potential winning pathways
Choose → Choosing the right media