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Startups in Pakistan Are Focusing More on a Digital Side

In a survey by Startup Pakistan, 73% of startup businesses have admitted that digital transformation helped them in meeting the desired goals. With its startup industry booming, Pakistan is the right place for entrepreneurs to invest in technology.

The prime reason for the growing number of tech startups is the inclination of businesses toward web. Moreover, there is no denial in admitting that the past three years have seen nothing short of an entrepreneurial revolution in the country. From a sole proprietorship to a corporation, every other business is putting equal efforts for online as well as offline market penetration. While working with the large number of startups in Pakistan, we have witnessed that digital side is getting stronger and flourishing by leaps and bounds.

For sure, there are number of reasons for the startups in Pakistan to go digital. You must be thinking that why businesses are falling in love with the digital side. Upon digging deep, we have come up with the following conclusions:-

• Internet penetration in Pakistan currently stands at 29.14 percent
• As per PTA over 1 million people coming online via their phones every month
• In terms of sheer population density, Pakistan is the fourth-largest country on the Asian continent
Convinced though? In case, you are looking for more reasons to take your business digital keep scrolling then.

Greater Exposure

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When it comes to digital media, the first perk that entrepreneurs would enjoy is, the limited budget. Say it or not, there lies a huge cost difference between traditional marketing and the digital side. Cost is just a single paradigm, on the other end the potential reach and greater exposure are such convincing factors that are allowing startups to favor digital side rather than the traditional ones. In addition to that, there are as many as 15-20 Million men and around 5-6 million women are using Facebook only. Hope you won’t miss the opportunity to reach such a huge number of audience. Do you?

Limited Budget

Would you rather spend 1.3 million rupees a month on a hoarding board to reach the limited audience of a single city or would like to invest few thousands to reach as big as 1 million users? For sure, the second one seems rationale approach.

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Ohkay, let’s make it simple. Say, you have hanged banners that speak about your brand. On the other hand, you have boosted a post on Facebook by spending equal budgets. The post is performing well and you are getting buzz. Spending bucks to remain sticky on wall or on a post that reaches the targeted audience and communicates well enough. Which one would you prefer? Once again our vote goes for the second one.

Admittedly, wider reach with the limited budget is another motivational factor for the startups in Pakistan to favor digital side.

Targeted Audience with Measurable Results

Targeted audience is another driving force behind digital marketing. Unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Among many other benefits, measurable results is another added benefit of digital marketing.

Be it a startup or any other business, it’s always important to track down the results. Businesses that keep on spending without making any comparison between the present and the past analysis, tend to fall.

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Taking all these things into consideration, Pakistan seems to be on the right track. Up to 70 percent of the population is below the age of 35 and the landscape is changing. Cellular subscribers are on the rise. The recent launch of 3G and 4G by all cellular networks of the country means access to a blazing fast Internet on the fingertips. The right idea can make an instant impact.