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Everything You Got to Know About Graphic Design Industry

With industry revenue of $11 Billion worth while having an average $45000 salary per anum, graphic designing industry is such a dark horse that it is not discussed by many. So, let’s shed some light on it and see how far design industry in Pakistan is playing its role. I won’t just discus this aspect only. I would also let you know some of the best graphic designers from Islamabad.

William Addison Dwiggins- The First One Who Coined Term Graphic Designer

So, before we move on to the subject matter, I want to briefly discuss about the background of term graphic designer and its origin. So, it was William Addison Dwiggins who coined the term graphic designer for himself for the first time. However, the footnotes of powerful text and graphics can be tracked back from 7th century. Got a brief idea of how the term was coined and what’s the background? Let’s keep the ball rolling and see some fun facts about graphic design industry and the graphic designers.


graphic design industry statistics, chartsFew Stats about the Graphic Design Industry and the Graphic Designers

By far there are as many as 1.3 million graphic designers on the whole. Whereas, the number of people associated with the graphic design industry in Pakistan accounts almost 1.3% of the whole numbers. On another end, by 2020, the numbers are expected to grow by 13% making graphic designing as one of the promising careers in Pakistan and the world.

Common Career Paths for Graphic Designer

Let’s admit that, we are often not sure what do graphic designers mean. Sometimes, these are limited with the area of logo designs and the flyer designs only whereas on some instances, people expect one man to be responsible for each and everything. However, I believe, there is need to make a clear understanding that what are some common career paths, based on which, designers should be tagged.

Art Director

When it comes to graphic designing, there is need to develop an understanding that Art Director is the one that stays at the top. Every art director can be a graphic designer but not every designer knows the art.

Creative Director

For an art director, it’s equally important to be creative as well. Creativity and art are integral part of designing. These two skills remain on the top, since creativity is the treasure for any artist.

Graphic Designer

An art director can be a graphic designer but a graphic designer may not be an art director. So, graphic designer is the one who receives the ideas, pulls up the fists and then gets things going.

Web Graphic Designer Vs Print Media 

Here comes the biggest mismatch. Though most of the graphic designers can equally work in both the domains. However, considering both likewise is as counting pea with the peanuts.


With a hope that the above mentioned things would have helped you to grasp the idea. Still, there’s anything more you would like to add in. Feel free to update my knowledge too 🙂