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Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time Businesses May Make

Reading Matt Haig’s Brand Failures: The Truth about the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time will let you know that how precisely Matt drew the line between the success and failure of a brand. Being a brand takes not only a huge chunk of investments and lots of effort; it also demands a major portion of your life. In its simplest definition, being brand is a long journey that one needs to cover with a full attention. Since building a brand takes lot of efforts, contrary to this, only a little mistake can pull back your brand from horizon to earth.

While collaborating and working with the top notch brands and the branding experts in Pakistan, we believe that there are some barometers we need to keep in mind. By using these barometers, a brand can easily determine, if they are on a right track or not.

Your Team is Unaware about the Importance of Corporate Branding Strategy

biggest branding mistakes of all time, branding mistakes, brandWe’ve completely discussed about corporate branding strategy and It’s importance for startups in one of our previous blogs. Once again, we mention that having an unaware team is one of the biggest branding mistakes of all time that startups or established brands would ever make. Why do we say so?

Say, you have hired a team that pays no attention to anything. They don’t even bother what your customers are saying or doing. In addition to that, they are offering a real slow customer service. In all such instances, make sure, you’ve hired the most appropriate team. A team that has no branding skills or is completely unaware of corporate branding strategy.


Too Frequent Price Changes

Let’s admit that a strong brand’s prime motive is to earn people and money too. Brands that only go for money rather than providing any services or added value to the customers tend to fail. In case, you are a startup and struggling to be a brand in Pakistan, we would suggest you to take equal steps on both lines.

In our past experience, we’ve witnessed brands that only go for money are making one of the biggest branding mistakes of all time.


Not Following the Consistency

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I remember when startups ask me what’s the biggest branding mistake apart from above two, my answer is “Inconsistency”, Says Mr. Tanvir Hussain, CEO of the Limecom Pakistan. In a long journey of branding, the most cautious step any brand would ever take is, to be consistent.
Brand that present its identity inconsistently in different contexts, media, vehicles and scenarios won’t achieve desired goals.

For instance, think of any brand, imagine the colors they have been using. Now, what if you would’ve been seeing them in different colors each time? Would it attract you? What if each time, you see their vehicle, re-positioned with the logo or the slug?

So, we believe, consistency matters a lot. The brands that do not remain consistent, do not make a longer impression on it’s audiences or the followers.


Not Backing Up the Customer/s

The pillars of successful brand always stand on a solid foundations of customer services. No matter if you fall in service industry or your business is offering physical goods, customer services is such a thing that will take your brand to the next level.

Let’s presume, you celebrated your toddler’s birthday in a restaurant a year back, one that you don’t even remember and right after one year on the the same dates, you get a birthday card and a discounted coupon. What would be your reaction? Wouldn’t you be obliged and like to give them a try?

See, this is how you secured a lead while winning a customer on a long run basis.


Was it Helpful?

We’ve already mentioned that in order to be a successful brand, there are few things that need consideration. With a hope that stated and elaborated points would’ve helped you. Still, you feel there are some more things that fall within, do share your views with us.