Underestimating the Influence of SEO? Here’s What You Got to Know

Search Engine Optimization, like in every other corner of the world, SEO in Pakistan in general and SEO Services in Islamabad in particular are gaining storm like never before. Looking back at the perpetual life of it, we will see that the footnotes of Search Engine Optimization aren’t older than a decade ago. And guess what’s the prime reason for growing importance of SEO, well; it’s the rising spectrum of Digital Media in Pakistan.

The rise of digital phenomenon can be determined from the fact that alone in Pakistan, Facebook holds around 25 million users and the numbers are growing with each day that goes by. On the other side, the number of businesses going digital are increasing alongside of it. Based on all these and many other likewise factors, the essence of SEO becomes more and more inevitable.

Anyways, before we move further. Let us confess something here, once we got a chance to speak with an entrepreneur who said that he hates SEOs. Upon asking the reason that why he hates it. The reply was, “barrage of cold-call SEO pitches in my inbox has me hating SEO”.  We were surprised to hear that. However at the same time time, when we looked into what he said a bit closely, we realized that he didn’t really hated SEO, what he hated were Search Engine Spam and Snake-Oil Promises.

Anyways, in case you’ve got any doubts about Search Engine Optimization or SEOs. Here’s what you got to know before underestimating the influence of SEOs.

SEO is an Integral Part of Marketing Mix 

You’ve got a beautiful brick and mortar store, you decided to display bunch of streamers. Great! you did a wonderful job. But what about all those audiences who are living far and can’t reach you. Would you rather not wish to reach 3.9 Million people of Islamabad within in Radius of 50 Miles or would you rather wish to neglect as huge as 7 million Facebook users of Karachi.

So, this is an SEO/SEM guy that knows what’s better for your business and what can be achieved at the cost of what. Businesses or startups that neglect this element and don’t pay heed to digital side, in fact miss a major chunk.

Admit or Not But SEO Impacts the Buying Cycle 

For a business person or an entrepreneur, it’s not that easy to take care of changing digital phenomenon. It’s not like they can’t do it, the prime reason is the lack of time and the expertise involved in doing so. Since, SEOs have been doing all this since ages. They are better aware of what needs where. Where should they add Call to Action? How, change of UI/UX will impact the audience? What should be the H1 tag? All in all, these are the champs who know how to bring your side upwards without proving any burden to your pocket.

These are the hardships of SEOs that help you rank your side in Google against specific keywords/search terms thus introducing your business to potential and intended audiences.

We won’t mind in saying that SEOs work like a magnet, attracting potential buyers to a website.

SEO Makes You Stand in the Competition 

 How long can you advertise? When on earth, you will be walking over the crunches of PPC. After all, you will have to cut down the advertisement cost and to bring the organic traffic to your website. So, this is what the main agenda of every business should be:-

When it comes to the term organic then SEO is the next thing that comes into play. And undoubtedly, these are the SEOs that would make your business stand out in the dense competition.

It Helps You in Cost-Effective Demographics Based Targeting 

Ask us the best thing about SEO and we will say, the cost effectiveness and the targeting based on demographics. Not sure what do we mean? Hmm! say, you’ve just opened a shop in Islamabad. You’ve sales but the number of walk-in customer are less. Now you want more and more customers to visit your business. What would you do? Advertise banner? Well, OK! for how long would you be advertising that way, provided that you are a small entrepreneur.

So, instead of banners, wouldn’t it be appropriate if you had appeared in Search results against the terms, “quality dresses in Islamabad, best shop to buy men and women clothes in Islamabad.” We bet, the second one seems more appropriate and cost-effective as compared to streamer and banners. So, once again, the cost-effective marketing based on demographics is such a plus of SEOs that shouldn’t be neglected in any case.