Tips to Choose the Perfect Graphic Designer Around Your Town

Before we move on to the tips to choose the perfect graphic designer around your town, let us mention that hiring the perfect graphic designer isn’t that easy and we mean it. Ever since, the technological advancements erupted, the segregated freelance markets started growing. At the same time, these freelance markets have helped number of talented individuals to win their bread and butter from it.

That’s just one end of the story, on the other hand, these talented individuals not only earned better living standard but helped countries while giving them an economical boost. And while mentioning, we won’t mind to mention the promising role of Pakistani freelancers in it. Where every other participant played it’s role, the role of graphic designers in Pakistan is also phenomenal.

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Ahhh! Did we say the term Graphic Designers in Pakistan? Oh yeah! We just said that. And you will be surprise to know that graphic designing industry is flourishing day by day. The good news is – a good designer will be making more and more money while the ordinary guys will go backstage. Good guys and the bad guys? Does it seem weird? May be but reality is, there is an existence of two classes. So, now if you are a business venture or a startup and looking to hire the perfect graphic designer around your town, following mentioned tips will help you to choose the right one.

Clearly Communicate Your Goals and Expectations

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The first question that most of our startup clients ask from us, how do we ensure that we’ve hired the best graphic designer and we will get the most promising job? And our reply is, “By clearly communicating your goals and expectations. Wondering why do we say so? Let’s tell you the rocket science behind it.

Say, you are a business owner and you need a design agency to help you with your branding requirements. In order to get so, you prefer to opt. graphic designer in Islamabad rather than outsourcing from freelance marketplaces. Now, you did some research and finalized few design agencies. You go there and tell them that I need a design and all of a sudden without even talking, the agency or the person says we will do it. So you need to keep in mind if you’ve knocked the wrong door.

We are saying this because, a professional creative design agency will not say even a single word without taking your requirements or rotating your thoughts to 360 degree.

So, if you are looking for a competent designer and want your dart to hit the target straight, make sure you clearly communicate your goals. After communicating your goals, don’t just let the guys’ node their head and utter the statement (sahi sahi) rather tell them your expectations too.

See if the Graphic Designer Can Walk in Your Shoes

Since market is saturated and it has got almost every other type so choosing the right one is tricky. However, we believe, there’s that one golden rule. Want us to unearth that? Well, try to see if the designer can walk in your shoes.
At this stage, we mean, instead of giving detailed instructions and briefing, try to be brief by explaining the gist and see if designer has aligned his sails towards the right direction or not.

Designer, interview, tips to choose the perfect graphic designerMere Reliance on Portfolio is No More Than A Suicide

When was the last time you hired someone just because of portfolio? Recently, hmmm but let’s tell you, you didn’t do something really good. In order to choose a right graphic designer around your town, portfolio matters.

However, mere reliance on a portfolio while neglecting every other thing is not a good option at all.
Instead of jumping straight to the portfolio ask them questions related to that portfolio. Want us to tell you what sort of questions to be asked? Well, the questions can be:-

  • What inspired you to come up with this design?
  • Why did you choose these colors?
  • What’s the purpose of keeping things left, right or justified

Asking questions like these will help you while evaluating the designer’s expertise and potential;

Did We Miss Something?

There is lot more that can be covered. However, you think there’s something more from your side. Or you have your suggestions that you want to put in front of us. Do leave your comments and we would see, what are some tips from your side on how to choose the perfect graphic designer around your town?