Things To Look Forward At National Digital Design Conference 2018

National Digital Design Conference has been holding summits annually, explaining a lot of things when it comes to leading the future. A symposium that’s focus is to promote self awareness and highlight the important aspects that our budding entrepreneurs and businessmen must keep in mind.

Renowned names such as Anil Dash, Kimberly Bryant, and Alex Blumberg, speakers at the ND2C conferences held previously and have shared their USP of creating the best opportunities.

There are so many things we have realized in different summits held over the years, the importance of self-awareness, guidance, motivation, telling your story, sharing experiences and facing your fears head on is what has kept our thoughts provoked.

Three things we need to keep in mind from National Digital Design Conference 2018

If we get into all the glory details of the previous events at National Digital Design Conferences, it will be a bit too much for you which is why we have made a list of three points that sums it all up.

1. Share your story and let the generations follow suit!

According to Anil Dash, it is extremely important for us to focus on even the smallest details of our work. Our business doesn’t just shapes our economy or our professional life but it also shapes our culture and the person we become.

It is very important to tell the world our story and where we come from, what our values are and how we choose to lead our lives, as he said, “When we say ‘somebody ought to do something,’ here’s a chance for us to show our values.”

We need to come up with our business and the way we run it in such a way that it not only serves us our purpose but also creates opportunities for those around us. The essence of entrepreneurship lies in the art of coming together as a group, our business should make way for new generations to show what they can do to the world.

2. Acknowledge yourself and know your worth!

The only entity that we can never lie to is nobody but our own soul. Over the years, we develop different biases that stop us from showing our own potential. We start looking at things from only one point of view, ours and that is a huge set back for anybody who wants to grow.

We need to realize how important it is for us to have diverse opinions and know where we truly stand. According to Kimberly Bryant, “We must stop looking at others outside of ourselves as people who need to change. Diversity and inclusion belongs to all of us.”

We need to learn to bring empathy in our lives. In order to succeed in the world, it is of high importance that we must learn how to understand someone else’s perspective. We should acknowledge our biases, let go of them and be the better person.

3. Every message counts and every story does wonders!

Blumberg, a man whose journey from a reporter to a startup owner speaks for itself had some very encouraging things to say. According to him, we need to tell our stories in the most futile way possible, even the most embarrassing parts.

His point makes a lot of perspective because the world of social media has provided the impression of perfection to the world. Whoever influencer we see on the internet, we believe that their lives are perfect however it isnt the case at all. We need to tell the world about the hardships we face head on. Only then we will be able to help people who are in a position where we used to be once.

Another very valid point that he made was our choice of words. Our words speak louder then actions, it is just as true as anything else is in the world. He summed up his point by saying, “When you’re leading and everyone is listening to you, you need to hear yourself. You must utter the words that you are willing to listen by yourself.

These were three things that has provoked our thoughts at National Digital Design Conferences. If we are able to introduce these three aspects in our lives, there is nothing that can stop us from leading the way.