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Story of A Logo Designer – Created in Pakistan with love for a startup in the United States

Creativity has no boundaries and neither it can be squeezed in a box. There’s often a debate that creativity comes with experience but I should rather tell you that, it is a blessing from almighty. The more you keep on looking at surroundings, observe nature, the more you are comfortable to execute your ideas and thoughts. Says, Mr. Tanvir Hussain, the renowned Logo Designer in Pakistan and the CEO of Limecom.logo design, apex logos, story,

In  today’s post, we will be discussing the whole creativity process that Limecom undertakes. We will also see, how they transformed and came up with the refined brand identity for one of their client  Apex Ideas

So How Did it Start?

It starts date back when one of client got to us with a really funny yet engaging brief. Wanna see, what the brief was?


So far we have a name ‘Apex Ideas’ and a poorly written pitch (see below, and I’m getting it fixed). I also have an idea of the simple logo I prefer.

So the next question is what else do I need?? Logo, logo with name?, email signature, business care, letter head. 

Let me know and make a proposal please”

And guess what we got from the client? We got a brief idea int the form of plain White Yachts with a heavy dark blue background. Here’s what, we got from the client. apex logo, yacht, base idea,

So, this is the first thing we got from the client and had to play around within it.

Wondering How Did We Start?

Instead of jumping straight on to the system like many other logo designers in Islamabad do, we preferred to ask client a question

  • What do these yacht represent?
  • Is there any story behind these yachts?

We believe, this is the only competitive edge we have among many logo designers in Islamabad that instead of jumping straight to the system, we try to understand the perspective of our customers. Anyways, in response to our question, we got the following answer. 

The two triangles of different sizes reflect Apex and the client supporting each other to reach upwards to the skies. (It also happens to look like the sails of a yacht which is my retirement dream!!)

From the brief conversation with Alan, we were sure about one thing. And that was, he wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Amid to know what’s that? Well, it’s his business vision and his retirement plans too. So, there came the time when we started playing with creativity.

This is the first variation we made based on the brief. Knowing the fact that, this is just an idea and nothing final, we did share it with the client.
Guess what! we didn’t stop here. We knew it can be lot better. Until, we heard, we kept on working on more and more. Till now, we had also decided to kill two birds with one stone. We kept on working and working.
Let’s show you a few more steps we took before reaching the final destination.

We Then Moved On 

This isn’t the only design or typo we kept on playing. As a matter of fact, we kept playing with the icons, colors, the font type, every other thing that could help us in achieving the results. The same can be seen on the above variations. Anyways, till stage, the CEO of Limecom, Mr. Tanvir, Logo Designer and the UI/UX expert in Islamabad believed there’s still something missing. This time, our team dove deep enough to find out the missing coin.
They knew that they have to dive deep to unearth the pearl.

With a peace of mind and a little confidence that we were close to the outcome. We then shared the bunch of all these options to our client to see what could be the best and suitable option for him.  After hearing back from Alan with some suggested changes.

We didn’t fed up with revisions but kept on learning from our past efforts. 

And we proposed following revised version to our client.

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Let’s Tell You The Best Part of This Whole Process 

The best and enjoyable part was creativity. Bringing in their potential to the max, the designers of our team loved every bit of this job. They knew, they had to tell the world that logo designers in Pakistan have an amazing approach.

It’s worth mentioning that it didn’t take long to move back and forth. Within no time, our divers hunt down the right coin and handed it over to the person it belonged too.

Want to see what was that?

apex ideas, logos, gif,Logo designers in Islamabad

So, you see, how Islamabad based logo designers came up with something unique? How they transformed that Yacht to something that serves two purposes simultaneously.

We would also like to hear your thoughts on this too.