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What to Know Before Planning A Landing Page of Your Website

Saying that landing pages are a crucial part of the Inbound Methodology will not be wrong at all. But just a few years ago, the average business owner was unfamiliar with landing pages and how to get the most from them. However, the rising digital spectrum and the dense online competition has changed things overall. Today, marketers everywhere are not only using them, but doing whatever it takes to optimize their performance. They are looking at buyer behavior, page load times, form lengths and more to get the most conversions.

For any website, whether it’s an e-commerce or service based, the importance of landing page will always be there. Anyways, before heading toward the answer of your question, what to know before planning a landing page of your website, we would like you to know why these are important. Why is that every other online business is going after it.

Purpose Built Landing Page Leads to More Conversions

Landing pages are designed to convert traffic into either a lead or a sake, landing page optimization ensures that every visit generated by either your PPC ad campaign or through an organic search engine result will have higher chances of conversion. You would only waste precious resources if all your PPC and SEO efforts are generating clicks that don’t lead to conversion because of a poorly designed landing page.

Landing pages are a dire need to pull the targeted audience accordingly. In case, you are not sure and want to know a bit more or you have just entered into online world, let’s help you understanding it a lil better.

landing page, CTA,

Before quoting another page, we would rather ask you to hold on for a minute. Now ask few questions to yourself. What’s the first thing that gets your attention? Is it the bunch of hyper links or it is the right side widget that is asking for some kind of action.

Now let’s see another example. landing page, CTA

You see how clearly the Call to Action is. Instead of flooding it with lots of content and dumping the whole Oxford dictionary, they have preferred to keep things simple and to the point.

With a hope, you are clear now about the importance, we would ask you to sit around and have pop corns on your desk while having index finger on the mouse, as there are some more things to come.

Be Definite About the Intended Audience

Without knowing your potential audience, designing a landing page is as if you are surfing without board. For any business, it’s always important to know the audience. It’s imperative to know who you are going to interact with. What are their demographics? What’s their mode of communication? Long story short is, doing an early market research helps.

Once, you are sure about these things, the next thing that comes in is, executing your strategy.
Having diverse experiences while working with number of clients, branding experts of Limecom suggest that landing page is always a testing phase. There is nothing definite about it. It keeps on changing.

Make Visitor Journey Safe and Smooth

Not all the landing pages are smooth. And if you are not agreed, let’s take a look at the mentioned image.more CTAs, number of buttons,

The differentiated colors, the cloud of CTAs and the excessive use of icons. For a landing page, it’s important to keep user on a uni-directional goal. Instead of letting users to choose from many, we should rather ask him to do the desired action only.

What’s Your Say

Till this part, we have done our best to give you a brief idea on what to know before planning a landing page of your website. In case, you are not sure and want some expert opinions regarding a landing page, let us help you with that.