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Your Site is Half Way to Google’s First Page if Your Developer Does These Things Right

Getting your website to appear on the first page of Google is one of the most desirable achievements for any small business owner. As big as 91% of people do not go past the first page of Google’s search results. This means that if your website isn’t on the first page, you’re missing out on the majority of potential customers. However, the notion that getting on Google’s first page without any SEO’s help is a half way truth. Let’s move ahead and tell you that your site can be half way to Google’s first page if you find a shareef aadmi :p and by that shareef aadmi, we mean a good developer.

Without any exaggeration, in the whole game of ranking a site, developers play equal role.

Now let’s dive deep to see what are some key considerations practicing which developer can secure your chances to be on the Google’s first page.

Cross Browser Incompatibility Check 

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Mistake: Regardless of the fact that most developers have Chrome, Firefox, IE installed, they will rarely use these 90% of the time. They will test the site at some later stage. Hold on, we are not suggesting you to check your website right after deploying a single line.

Suggestion: However, a regular cross browser check will help you saving your time. Instead of moving back and forth, moving on at a same pace with a clear direction can save you time and can help the website to have some good space among search engines.

Old Habits Die Hard 

Mistake: Gone are the days of 20th century when internet had less options for the markups than we do today. Says Web Development team of Microsoft. Since, it’s 2017 and there’s a dire need to update coding standards too. The websites developed on past standards likely to receive less importance in search engines.

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Suggestion: Instead of loving with the old markups, updating your knowledge and codes will not be a headache for you and for the search engines too.

Don’t Let the Website Swim in The Deep Web Ocean Without Any Life jacket

Mistake: Google Panda is always hungry, it’s crawlers are always crawling and the spiders are always busy in knitting the search results. That’s not all, as per W3 Techs, around 25% of websites are built on WordPress. Since getting website on WordPress is pretty easy and quick as compared to custom site. The downside is, developers simply customize the theme and take no care of site’s index-ability. As a result, search engines crawl every page of your website.

Suggestion: Whether you are developing a custom website or customizing theme, make sure to set your website to no index. Once, your site is ready, it’s error free and the urls are SEO friendly, now make it live. Make in o the go with a hope that it will take less time to be on Google’s first page.

Lorem Ipsum is Just a Filler

Mistake: Good web developer is always a self initiator and not the follower. Being a best web design company in Pakistan, we see how often, newly built websites heavily rely on that Lorem Ipsum content. If your developer is committed and takes responsibility than he should not make things live with the dummy text.


For a web developer, it’s important to get site live only if things are aligned and ready to be presented. The websites that go with the dummy or copied content won’t make any noticeable impact on the search engines. So, always seek fresh and unique content from the client and add it there.

URL Structures Are Important 

Mistake: Honestly speaking, it’s no more than a shock to see when a newly developed website has an ugly URL structure. Knowing the fact that developer is busy and has lot of other things to do. However, haste makes waste. The websites that go with ambiguous urls or have no proper urls hierarchy may not compete in search engines.

Suggestion: It should come as no surprise that the easier a URL is to read for humans, the better it is for search engines. Accessibility has always been a part of SEO, but never more so than today, when engines can leverage advanced user and usage data signals to determine what people are engaging with vs. not.

Ignoring the Mobile First Approach

Blunder: We will call it a blunder and not a mistake. And there are mere reasons for calling it a blunder, ignoring mobile first approach. Mobile friendly sites are getting stronger than ever before.  In today’s era, a developer who is not paying attention to mobile responsiveness is likely to cause serious pain while putting website’s ranking at stake.

Suggestion: Never ever ignore the importance of mobile responsive websites. Being a web developer, it should be your moral obligation to cater every aspect. The websites that work on Accelerated Mobile Pages and are Responsive will get better ranking signals than those that don’t.

Did We Miss Something?

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Admittedly, above-mentioned are some of the golden rules following which your developer assures that your site is half way to Google’s first page. Still, you think there is something more that needs to be added? Feel free to write us in the comment box and we would love to add your valuable inputs.