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Is Your Business Lacking Corporate Branding Strategy

Think of all the brands that have ever added value to customers. Take a look at IKEA

IKEA Vision,

See, how well they have portrayed their corporate message through their vision. They have made it clear that they are not just selling the furniture but adding value to user’s life too. At the same times, they haven’t only communicated with the audience but have given clear indications to their team members too.
Developed a basic idea? Now let’s move on.

Saying that corporate branding strategy is the face of the business strategy won’t be wrong at all. It does not only allow the management to involve and guide the staff rather it also draws a clear road map for everyone to be on the same page. There’s always been a debate that it has nothing to do with the small businesses and should be left only for large businesses.

Businesses, either large or small need a clearly defined branding strategy. Defined, from day 1, it not only helps in smooth business operations rather it plays an important role in your brand positioning.

Brands that do not consider the importance of corporate branding strategy tend to die soon. We would rather ask you to check if your business is lacking corporate branding strategy?  In case you can’t determine if your business actually got it or not? Then let’s see the checklist to ascertain:-

Involve Employees

These are the employees that help brands to flourish. Businesses that do not involve employees and are on a solo flight can’t make it a long way. Why do we say that involving employees can help? It is because your employees have more interaction with the customers. Involving your employees and growing them as a brand ambassador will tell the world about your corporate culture. It will let people know that how well you treat your employees and that you appreciate all their efforts.

Consistency is the Key 

Consistency is the promising factor for any corporate branding strategy. In order to make your brand stand out, it’s important that all of your messaging is cohesive. Consistency in brand plays an important role. It helps people in recognizing your brand thus driving more loyalty.

Inclusion of Latest Technologies

In our recent article Startups in Pakistan are focusing more on a digital side, we have mentioned about the importance of going digital. Now, let’s move ahead and mention that how inclusion of technology help businesses in defining corporate branding strategy.

Modern technology plays a fundamental part in a successful corporate branding strategy. Technology helps to gain effectiveness and improves the competitive edge of the corporation. The businesses that are not ready to embrace the digital scenarios tend to remain far. The prime reason for adding technology is, it helps you reach vast markets while playing with the limited budget.

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Making Louder Brand Promise

Once again, look at all the brands. See how well, they are captivating customer’s emotions. And for making a louder brand promise, it’s important to take care of the long term as well as the short term goals.

See how well Nike is delivering it’s promise, a promise to provide athletes a better and lighter running shoes.

So, the businesses, whether established or the startups, not having or fulfilling promise are lacking a serious thing in their corporate branding strategy.

What’s More

Being focused more on startups in Pakistan, often our prestigious clients ask us, corporate branding strategy is not their cup of tea. So, telling you that, no business gets big from day 1. However, all the successful startups stand on a true and solid foundations on a clearly defined corporate branding strategies.