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A Round of Discussion With Logo Designers of Islamabad

We strongly agree with Steve Jobs who said that “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. Apart from getting you a promising future, the busiest life and big glasses, designing is something that will bring you close to the nature. Says, Mr. Tanvir Hussain, the CEO of Limecom. In the pursuit to know more about designing profession and life of a logo designer, we’ve asked several questions from logo designers from Islamabad. And here are some common replies from the majority.

We Love Creating Designs

Let’s admit that not all but 95% of the designers love their job and they do it wholeheartedly. On a discussion with some top logo designers of Islamabad, we asked, did you ever wonder if you would’v chosen other profession. And there was a unanimous no for the answer. They say that they love creating design. They do it not merely to earn money but to satisfy the intimate artist that resides within them.

Creativity Brings Us Close to the Nature

We remember when having discussion about motivation one of designer quoted Brian Reed’s quotation “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” Large number of logo designers said that creativity brings them close to the nature. They say, the more we play around with the things the more we get close to the nature.

Creativity is Our Strength

Creativity is our strength, says the logo designers of Islamabad. Admittedly, out of many other facts, the majority of the designers say that they love creativity. As per them, creativity empowers them. The more we research, the more it helps them to explore more knowledge.

We Are Always Open to Challenges

Designing job is challenging. There is not even a single day when we don’t end up designing something different and unique. Moreover, there’s not even a single day we get bored from creating these designs. As a matter of fact, we love doing so. It gives us comfort. We feel proud when we see our work gets appreciation worldwide.

Playing with Colors and Ideas is Our Ultimate Game

Playing with colors and Ideas is our ultimate game, says the top logo designers of Islamabad. While giving a careless chuckle even one of the designers said that designing is something we eat and sleep with.