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3 Key Elements of Designing

Designing is all about going crazy. Crazy enough so that your imaginations start conveying through the visuals. More interestingly, the quest and an urge to have an appealing yet simplistic designs are taking another hype. However, alongside knowing all things, it’s important to know what are key elements of designing? What are the ingredients that will add relishness in this dish. So, without taking much of the time, let’s find out what are some elements that should be considered in designing and how do we get some cool designs by maintaining all the sophistication.

colors, design, Play Well With the Colors

Admittidely, aesthetics is something that is inherited by artisans. We equally believe that designing is not merely playing with the Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or redoing the images. Designing is something that lives within the designer. You will start feeling the true designing spirit right from the colors.
The experts of Limecom believe that out of many other attributes, the color selection and the mixing of these, is such a huge strength of the designer that sets strong foundation for a brand. So, being a designer or a branding expert, when you are working on any design make sure you carefully select and play with the colors.

Be Sure Line Plays an Integral Role

The artisans and the branding experts of our team have duly given importance to line element. Saying that line is one of the most important elements of art will not be wrong. Since, you’ve made a rough guess that what’s the importance of line in art. Now, let’s determine that what and why line is key element in any design and why is it important for designing too.

  • Line can be used to divide the space
  • It can be used to sperate content
  • Line directs the flow of content
  • Can be used to create emphasis on a specific area of your work

Web and graphic designers of our team believe that understanding the lines better helps in communicating a certain feeling or idea to your work. Not only this, the familiarity with the line gives us more control which leads us to better output.

organize, unity,fish,United We Stand- Divided We Fall

We hope the heading would have helped you in determining the importance of unity. Still, let’e elaborate it further to see what does it mean in designing.
The meaning of unity should be derived same as we do in our general life. Unity in a design is important for two reasons.

  • Unity holds your design together, both visually and conceptually
  • It adds order to a design

The Bottom Line Is

So, if you are taking a leap of faith into the excruciating designing world or you are already swimming over the waves of designing oceans, we would rather ask you to consider the above mentioned 3 Key Elements of Designing.